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Hidden gems in the heart of St Paul’s!

While working in the heart of St Paul’s & Stokes Croft you really get to enjoy the wonderful variety of day-to-day activities, cultures, and spaces, which gives the area it’s unique vitality. However, as a visitor to the area it might be hard to stumble across this thriving community as sometimes the best kept secrets are hard to find, and are only noticeable due to small sign boards on the pavement!  So, to help you discover more about the local area, here are our top three favourite hidden gems;


Fantastic coffee and amazing pastries make’s FARRO BAKERY the only place to go for that mid-morning pick me up! Situated on the corner of Brunswick Square and Bond Street, you might recognise this small independent bakery’s name, as you will often find them serving up all sorts of delights across Bristol’s famous farmers markets. For as they suggest on their website; The bakery is fighting the good fight against the sliced white status quo and mediocre pastries!


Coach House Café

After the Pear Café shut down in 2018, many of us locals were left wondering where we would go for a good lunchtime sandwich! However, we didn’t have to wonder for long, as the Coach House Café soon came to the rescue. Handily taking over Pear’s vacant premises, this small and friendly cafe offers a delicious range of salads, soups, sandwiches, porky baps, and enough sweet treats to make your mouth water. Though you can’t sit in, this takeaway is a staple for the local business community.

Coach House

Milk Teeth

Established in 2017 on the corner of Bishop Street, Dean Street and Portland Square, Milk Teeth is a fantastic small independent coffee shop!  Alongside great coffee, comes a welcoming, intriguing and accessible interior which creates some seriously good vibes. From the prefect flat white to a scrumptious chai, and topped off with a little coconut macaroon side treat, Milk Teeth always delivers (normally by the owner himself Josh Bowker).  As Josh describes on the Milk Teeth website; It’s the small ones you want to watch… (Someone once said that to him about dogs, but he thinks it’s true of businesses, too.)